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Fenton, 4 inch glass paperweight, green, with New Era sketch             $17.00


Fenton, 4 inch glass paperweight, blue,    with New Era sketch               $17.00


                                           Fenton, 6 1/2 inch glass bell, clear, with New Era sketch              $17.00



New Era
P.O. Box 340
Mineral Wells, WV 26181

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Apple Butter


   We have our  501 (c) 3  status Cooked in a copper kettle over an open fire. $ 5.00 pint   Note cards, 4 x5 inch, parchment with New Era sketch. Envelopes. Package of 10      $5.00

Inkwell reproductions  for one room school desks. Cork stopper.  $9.95

  Local pottery hand made!


Tax exempt    #WV0047894001



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