Real Names, Real Schools

The school lists in the word game are "Real Names of Real Schools" that existed in Wood County, West Virginia.

Sometimes the school name is given to honor a famous person

Which school names might be named for Presidents of the United States? 1_______________________     2.____________________

3._______________________   4.____________________

Schools sometimes have descriptive names based upon the geography of the area. Can you picture the setting for some of the listed schools?

Choose a school name to illustrate how you think it may have looked.

For example. "Sheep Gap". Show a little school with a fence close by. Show a gap (empty space) in the fence that animals could come through from the pasture. Try to add details such as children at play!

You may wish to draw on the back!

What is your school's name? ______________________________________________

Why do you think that name was chosen?   ___________________________________

What name would you have chosen?________________________________________ 

West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives SS>WV 4.4 Analyze the impact of WV's geography on...

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