New Era One Room School

Outside games you may wish to share with your classes

adapted from Scarbro, Maxine, One Room School Games, Cannon Graphics, 1992.

Red Rover, variation

Two teams line up facing each over, holding hands securely. One team calls out, 'Red Rover, Red Rover, send _________right over. He runs as hard as he can toward the opposite team, hoping to break their hand hold. If he succeeds, he gets to take the two players that break hold to his side. If he is not successful, he must become part of that team. The line with the most players wins.       Note:  Keep lines close for less force and speed.

Leap Frog, variation

Two teams line up, one behind the other. They are on their hands and knees in crouch position. The one at the end of the line jumps over all the others one at a time. If the jumper falls, he must go to the back of the line and begin over until he is successful. If he is successful, the last person (front) that he jumps runs back to the back of the line and begins his jumps. The team that finishes the rotation with the last jumper tagging at the back of the wins.

Rock Tag, variation of Squat Tag, etc.

The person who is IT can catch anyone not touching (or on) the rocks. When someone is caught, he becomes IT. Players usually run and stand to tease IT.

horizontal rule

Jump Rope rhymes
Johnny Over the Ocean, Johnny over the sea
Johnny broke a milk bottle and blamed it on me.
I told Ma, Ma told Pa
Johnny got a lickin', so Ha, Ha, Ha.
How many lickings did he get?
(Count until child misses or up to___)
Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around;
(jumper turns around)
Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground:
(jumper touches the ground)
Teddy bear, teddy bear, read the news;
(jumper holds his hands as if reading a newspaper)
Teddy bear, teddy bear, skid-do-do;
(jumpers runs out from under the rope)
Red Light, variation

At home base, IT closes eyes and begins to count. Other players are in line up facing IT from far away. They are trying to get to IT and home base.  At any time IT can say   "Red Light" and whirl around. All players should have stopped.   Any in motion must go back to starting line.  The first one to base without being seen in motion wins. 


Challenge: Write the directions to a game in your own words. Let someone
try to follow your directions.
PE.4.1.5 jump a single rope continuously
PE.4.5.1 work cooperatively and productively with a partner or a small group.
PE.4.5.5 recognize and accept others with different skills and abilities

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